Quick and reliable rod change

Changing metering rods on running machines is comparable to a Formula 1 pit stop: every­thing must be done as quickly as possible. Because during a rod change, each additional minute results in increased waste. For this reason, so-called quick couplings are applied, though they do not always live up to their name. Frequently they involve conventional quick couplings from other branches of industry that cannot handle the harsh conditions prevailing in the paper industry.

Problems with bolted clamp couplings

Bolted clamp couplings can be very suscep­tible to malfunctions, leading to problems that are multiplied when rods are driven on both sides:

  • Delicate fastening is not suitable for ­industrial environment
  • Screw heads are subject to clogging and dirt
  • Hexagon socket screws are worn out or stripped
  • Allen keys are missing
  • Drive rods are in an inconvenient position

The solution: Our quick couplings

Our practical experience with rod metering systems is virtually second to none. This know-how has been consistently applied to our special quick coupling designs. As a result, they require minimum change times, feature no movable parts, and are extremely robust.

Advantages of our quick couplings:

  • Tool-free "single-handed change"
  • Rigid drive shaft without universal joint to ensure reliable operation
  • Robust spring ring for quick and easy change
  • Massive rod diameter for smooth running and longer run times

Application advantage: Optimal smooth run

The rigid and very massive design of the drive shaft ensures optimal smooth running of the metering rods, and thus longer run times. By preventing one single malfunction, an investment in our quick coupling can pay off already.