Controlled film application

Due to production factors, the coated film must be wider than the sheet to ensure a uniform result. This results in an "excessively" applied coat in the edge area that must be removed in order not to impair production. If the media flows between the press rolls, it splashes around in an uncontrolled manner. Individual splashes can lead to stains on the sheet.

Problems related to conventional solutions

Usually, the coat from the edge area is removed by trailing blades. This technology is widely used but outdated; this can easily be explained with the laws of physics and mechanics:

  • High forces must be exerted to reliably remove the excess media.
  • High forces cause extensive wear to the blade; the function can decrease uncontrollably.
  • The arrangement of the blade leads to a converging gap, which acts like a "trap" for agglomerate and fibers. They can be ground into the roll, thus increasing roll wear.


The solution: "Sharp" edge doctors

Our patented edge doctors are designed as sharp blades. This principle has been successful in other applications in the paper industry. Our engineers have designed the edge doctor for optimal performance, without becoming embedded in the roll. The required contact pressure is provided by the net weight of the blade. This design principle, though not new, makes significantly better use of leverage on a sharp blade.

Advantages of our edge doctors:

  • • Uniform contact pressure
  • • Compensated blade wear • „soft“ PE blade protects the roll
  • • Change can be performed on running machine • Functional catch box
  • • Improved functionality
  • • Tried and tested hundreds of times throughout the world
  • • Additional sealing blade for increased cleanliness